Photodynamic therapy is a revolutionary two-step process to treat several skin diseases including actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous lesions) and some skin cancers.

Photodynamic therapy specifically treats the abnormal skin cells while leaving normal surrounding skin cells unaffected. Multiple lesions are simultaneously treated at each session and treatment may also prevent the development of new lesions.
In the first step, a photosensitizing cream is applied to the skin and is taken up by the targeted cells. Light source exposure activates the light sensitive compound to eliminate the targeted cells, such as cancerous or precancerous cells. During treatment minor pain is often experienced which is an indication that the desired reaction is taking place.

The treated area becomes red as if sunburned, and will usually peel over the course of a week. Occasionally blistering, scabbing may occur. This indicates a stronger reaction and is normal.

Photodynamic treatments are exceptionally safe, effective and well tolerated by most patients, but care must be taken to avoid exposure to sunlight for 48 hours following the treatment. Photodynamic therapy provides excellent clinic and cosmetic results.